A Short Film Feature: Luna Rossa Challenge 2013

Sometimes the perfect song for your film needs a little tweaking to most effectively support the visual elements that have been established. Maybe the chorus needs to be longer or maybe there are vocals over a part of the song that would work perfectly as an instrumental. Wouldn’t it be great to have the option of making a great song be perfect for your project?

Moving and Compelling are the first two words that come to mind and remain present throughout this engaging vignette, Luna Rossa Challenge 2013. This captivating film shifts and changes moods with imagery at every turn. There’s a strong narrative intertwined, weaving together a strong cinematic storytelling.

One of the most powerful elements of this piece is in the way the music and visuals are edited together to create an impactful story. Every scene has clear insight into the emotional world of racing, and the overall way of life that surrounds it;  coinciding with the fine-tuned editing, the soundtrack dances right a long with it.

Intimidated By Silence is the amazing composition throughout the film by Cars & Trains. This piece of music expands with many microscopic textures layered to coalesce into a larger universe of sound. While engaging on it’s own (listen to it’s original version below), it was edited and customised to support and harness the emotional atmosphere to larger visual piece. As the film moves and grows, so does the music, customised to expose different elements of the song to support the changing imagery.

This fascinating vigenette showcases the art making the two mediums of film and music and how they can be customized to fit the needs of the other, creating a larger and more powerful narrative.




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