Artnexus Santa Game

“Are you game for it?” was the thought of our ANX team. We designed and developed an online Santa game for our faithful client, and it turned out that the response was overwhelming.


This is Electronic Direct Mailer game developed by Artnexus Design team



An electronic direct mailer (EDM) was scheduled to trigger off by past midnight, and we eagerly waited to ‘count the numbers’ by the end of the following day. During this period that ended on 29 December 2011, we tracked mails, monitored the game scores and had ‘buy in’ MacDonald meals. It was downright fun! We were grateful that our ‘smart system’ worked harder than usual. What a way to celebrate the closing of the year with a bang!


This is Santa online game designed and developed by Artnexus Design team


This is an online game designed and developed by in house artnexus design team


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