Caricature Drawing Adventure at Clarke Quay, Singapore

As the evening darken, our ‘Superheros’ were all ready and geared to put on a good show. Our grand stall was setup amidst a backdrop of modern shop houses; Clarke Quay Singapore, owned and managed by CapitaMall Trust (CMT) is the first Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) listed on Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST). It has transformed the area to have a delightful mix of modern entertainment scene with a colourful kaleidoscope of restaurants, winebars, entertainment spots and retail shops.


Shops at Clarke Quay Singapore

Images of Caricature Drawing found on


Caricature drawing in front of the live audience is fun, creative and enriching as it delivers art in an engaging and entertaining manner. Surrounding you is a wide mix of characters; varying ages, styles, backgrounds. When the finished drawing is finally presented, every blazing smile on their face melts your heart.


Caricature Drawing At Scene

A Smiling CustomerA Happy Customer SmilingHappy Faces Of Customers


Our team has a fantastic time at the event! Our creative juices sometimes ran wild that we had to ransack every corner of the table to get the right colour needed for the caricature drawing. At some point, we had to toss the colour marker as we couldn’t find the one that was needed. “So much so for a mad rush huh!!”


Live Caricature Drawing at Clarke QuayMad Rush Caricature Drawing


During small pockets of free time, we gathered for some photography session. Chua, Nick and Osman even posed for an offer! You guys were awesome!


Our Super Heros

The Caricature TeamThe Caricature Team found on


The night seems so endless. But what brought us together is this one thing we love, that is, ­to draw! Our nights were well spent! “Yet another mission accomplished! Up, up & away!”


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