Caricature Drawing Adventure at Clarke Quay, Singapore

As the evening darken, our ‘Superheros’ were all ready and geared to put on a good show. Our grand stall was setup amidst a backdrop of modern shop houses; Clarke Quay Singapore, owned and managed by CapitaMall Trust (CMT) is the first Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) listed on Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST). It has transformed the area to have a delightful mix of modern entertainment scene with a colourful kaleidoscope of restaurants, winebars, entertainment spots and retail shops.


Shops at Clarke Quay Singapore

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Electronic Direct Mailer – An Excellent Way to Connect to Your Audience

It’s the season to be jolly again! Have you made any preparation for Christmas and the New Year celebration?

This period, we are especially busy – “hoping to be busy with baking cookies- Ai yo! Fat hope!” – dealing with Electronic Direct Mailer Greetings – “Hey! Make it viral! Hurrrh??!!”

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Celestial Feast- 7th World Championship of Chinese Cuisine

“Wow!” was just the word used to describe the project! We had so little time, and so many to do! In the end, it was the ANX team spirit and our passion that drives us to completion. Much satisfaction guaranteed!

Singapore was the host of this year’s Seventh World Championship of Chinese Cuisine. Held once every four years in different countries, the World Championship is highly regarded as the ‘Olympics’ of the Chinese cuisine.


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The Paul Family

I penned this article with a heavy heart as I dearly missed a lovely family that is residing in Auckland, New Zealand. At the airport, I knew that I would not be able to control my emotion, so I bucked up myself and started ‘clicking’.


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Cordlife Calendar 2013 Photography

There were so many things to do and so little time! How we wish we could live thru the 24hrs and not sleep! Well, the only consolation was that the festive period  has brought us much lifted spirit. It was the month of the moon-cake festival! Our office was packed with moon cake boxes of different flavour and varieties from suppliers, friends and even faithful clients! We are blessed!


Moon cake festival celebration in Chinatown


Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore Annual Report

“Woo Hoo! The sun is up!” One of our ANX’s team member exclaimed.

Well, the rainy session came early during the period of one of our scheduled photo shoot for the AVA’s Annual Report. We happily called it “the shower of blessings” because the rain stopped just before our scheduled time slot!

It was an adventurous endeavour even though we were not on “high” ground, and the training gave us a glimpse of what outdoor activities had to offer, that is, safety comes first!


This is lesson on safety training during AVA photo shoot



We had so much fun during the photography sessions with the work group for the IRAS 20th year commemorative special feature publication. And in one of the scenes, the get together and the conversation among themselves created a stir; we were unable to concentrate!


Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore Photo shoot


Cordlife Calendar 2012 Photography

After many weeks of brain storming sessions, working on the drawing board for the concept and searching for props needed for the photo shoot, the day finally came. Our ANX team was all “geared up” and excited to meet the “Heros”!


This is the props needed for Cordlife photography


And “Wah La!”… our first thought was, “It will be fun!” The enthusiasm was felt when we decorated our first set before the start of the shoot. Later did we know, we even doubled up as ‘fashion stylists”!


This the props we did for the Cordlife photography


Looking for a photographer



Artnexus Santa Game

“Are you game for it?” was the thought of our ANX team. We designed and developed an online Santa game for our faithful client, and it turned out that the response was overwhelming.


This is Electronic Direct Mailer game developed by Artnexus Design team