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Creative Packaging Design That Captures Attention

In today’s competitive market place, it’s harder than ever to attract a consumer’s attention. It’s estimated that the average consumer spends less than a second scanning shelves, and in that time, will make a decision on whether or not to purchase any given product.

So, the discipline of packaging design focuses on producing a container that will get noticed. By skilfully teaming colourful graphics, unique shape, or any other eye-catching method, the packaging designer is a key player in any company’s marketing effort. No matter how beneficial the product inside the container may be, unless a consumer decides to pick it up, that product will never be bought.

The attention to packaging itself has become popular. The focus is just as much on the package as it is on the product itself. Although the discipline should be easily understandable, there’s more to package design than initially meets the eye. See what I mean to the image below- A fun interaction between product’s design and packaging’s design. Simple, witty and works well to attract the consumers attention.

Philips Energy Savers Light Bulb

A Short Film Feature: Luna Rossa Challenge 2013

Sometimes the perfect song for your film needs a little tweaking to most effectively support the visual elements that have been established. Maybe the chorus needs to be longer or maybe there are vocals over a part of the song that would work perfectly as an instrumental. Wouldn’t it be great to have the option of making a great song be perfect for your project?

Moving and Compelling are the first two words that come to mind and remain present throughout this engaging vignette, Luna Rossa Challenge 2013. This captivating film shifts and changes moods with imagery at every turn. There’s a strong narrative intertwined, weaving together a strong cinematic storytelling.

One of the most powerful elements of this piece is in the way the music and visuals are edited together to create an impactful story. Every scene has clear insight into the emotional world of racing, and the overall way of life that surrounds it;  coinciding with the fine-tuned editing, the soundtrack dances right a long with it.

Intimidated By Silence is the amazing composition throughout the film by Cars & Trains. This piece of music expands with many microscopic textures layered to coalesce into a larger universe of sound. While engaging on it’s own (listen to it’s original version below), it was edited and customised to support and harness the emotional atmosphere to larger visual piece. As the film moves and grows, so does the music, customised to expose different elements of the song to support the changing imagery.

This fascinating vigenette showcases the art making the two mediums of film and music and how they can be customized to fit the needs of the other, creating a larger and more powerful narrative.




Introducing Color Talk Series

Color Talk Series brings photographers and industry professionals from varied backgrounds to talk about one thing… COLOR! The variety of ways people think about and talk about color is amazing.

Color evokes emotion in people. “Red makes people willing to spend more money for food. When you get good color in a photo… people react to the image differently.” Just adding a tungsten glow can enhance the photo and compliment the colors that are already present in the image.

Dina Douglass was named one of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World by American Photo Magazine in 2011, and she has been profiled in Popular Photography, Professional Photographer, Rangefinder, Russian Photo, Photo World and Asian Photography magazines.

Enjoy this video.

In another series, Alan Shapiro spoke about his love for colour.

His background in advertising and art direction combined with his love for photography and his success as a photographer makes him mindful of color every moment of the day.

Alan shared about how important it is in his life as a photographer and art director in this video.




Dark Beauty Stylized Portrait Photography

When shooting a portrait, the conventional wisdom involves using bright, evenly-coloured light to bring out the model’s sweet inner glow. Sometimes, though, you might desire an aesthetic that is a little bit more dramatic. In this video, photographer Paul Manoian uses coloured gels to shed light on the darker side of portrait photography.

Manoian was going for a Gothic look in this shoot, juxtaposing his subject’s pale skin and blonde hair with black clothes, dark makeup, and a royal blue backdrop. To accentuate this colour palette while keeping the soft diffused light, he opens the front of a soft box, tapes gels inside the box itself, which he shines on the model from the rear to give her a deep blue halo around her. He uses three of these – two square soft boxes and one octagonal – in order to maximize this effect from all sides.


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Importance of Product Packaging Design

The best things should be made available in the best possible way. When a product is introduced in the market, the first thing that grabs the attention of the audience is the Product Packaging Design. If the product packaging is good, the product will have a better impression in the market. And also if the product package is somewhat innovative, then it will add up to the promotion of the product.



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Tips to Write Editorial Writings

Editorial writings are the ones which will reflect the content of the particular edition. The Editorial Writing for Newsletter & Annual Report is presented by the respective editors reporting the review on the entire content of the edition.


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Editorial writings are not that easy to write. It should be brief enough and at the same time, it should be able to discuss all the issues of the edition. In this editorial writings, the editor will include the gist of the content and may also include an appeal for any suggestions or the healthy criticism on that particular edition. It is not only a formality but also mandatory to present it. There are also various awards for the outstanding performance of various editors, and one such award in the Pulitzer Award for Editorial Writing. Check it out!