This is Cordlife photography for calendar 2012

Cordlife Calendar 2012 Photography

After many weeks of brain storming sessions, working on the drawing board for the concept and searching for props needed for the photo shoot, the day finally came. Our ANX team was all “geared up” and excited to meet the “Heros”!


This is the props needed for Cordlife photography


And “Wah La!”… our first thought was, “It will be fun!” The enthusiasm was felt when we decorated our first set before the start of the shoot. Later did we know, we even doubled up as ‘fashion stylists”!


This the props we did for the Cordlife photography


Looking for a photographer



It was back to school where we had to utter gibberish language to be in their world. But it turned out to be otherwise as our “Heros” have their own flair and aptitude! We had to crank up our creative juices to make our “Heros” a “hero”!


Cordlife baby crying


And thank goodness, we had the help of the parents that turn out to be our real “Super Hero”! “Daddy and Mommy, you are the best!


Looking for a children photography session


We are having a photography session


Mother and Father helping out in photography sessionLooking for a photography studio


The photography sessions were fun-filled though extremely energy draining, but it brought good memories as it reflected on how carefree we were when we were young.


Looking for baby photo shoot


This is a digital imaging photoWe use photoshop to do retouching work

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