Electronic Direct Mailer – An Excellent Way to Connect to Your Audience

It’s the season to be jolly again! Have you made any preparation for Christmas and the New Year celebration?

This period, we are especially busy – “hoping to be busy with baking cookies- Ai yo! Fat hope!” – dealing with Electronic Direct Mailer Greetings – “Hey! Make it viral! Hurrrh??!!”

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Greeting message that spreads across electronic media platform is a terrific way to connect with your customers and prospects. It is a necessary part of the job during the year-end season and an extremely helpful communication tool. Your brand will reside within their hearts emotionally, and it also concretes user loyalty.

This image is from www.artnexusdesign.com


Creating an email marketing strategy with the right message at the right time is a top priority for our client in 2013. Direct digital marketing is more cost efficient than traditional methods not only for its immediate accountability, but also because of the reduced time investment. Instead of coordinating multiple partnerships each with specialized channel delivery capabilities, a single direct digital marketing partner frees marketers up to develop sound strategies instead of focusing on multi-channel campaign execution. It is also less complex than traditional channels in terms of campaign setup, execution, and measurement – regardless of how many channels are included in a campaign.

This image is from www.artnexusdesign.com


In today’s technology, email is a cornerstone of most marketer’s lead nurturing programs. Between newsletters and marketing mailer, email marketing likely accounts for more of your prospect communications than any other direct marketing channel. But getting it right so that you keep prospects’ attention, engage them and get them closer to the final goal of becoming a customer is a constantly shifting challenge. Here are some thoughts for the New Year!

  • How does email fit into your lead nurturing program?
  • What are the keys to identifying lead stage and targeting the best messages to them?
  • What does the rise of mobile email mean to lead nurturing campaigns?
  • What specific email and marketing automation tactics are proving the most effective in lead nurturing today?

Here wishing everyone a Joyous Christmas & a Happy New Year!



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