Evian Debuts New Bottle & Live Young Campaign

Evian Natural Spring Water to debut its first new bottle since 1999! “It has redesigned its bottled water for the first time in 14 years, as it attempts to create a ‘new connection’ with consumers within premium water.


Evian Bottle New Packaging Design


Sleeker and with cleaner lines, the 500ml bottle has a ‘label-less’ look with a ‘simplified, elegant reduction of the previous logo design.’ It evokes the ‘simplicity and regality’ of the water’s source in the French Alps and Evian-Les-Bian.

The Evian Bottled Water has been the icon of the category for three decades, yet its vibe and skin had become dated. The purpose to remake the brand is to excite consumers and make them proud again and to once again call it their favorite water.


Evian New Bottle Design from www.artnexusdesign.com


The theme ‘Live Young’ campaign has its video garnered 58 millions viewers; an instant hit in YouTube Channel.

Such effort has brought back Evian its ‘youthfulness’ and ‘energy’ again!

Have you made a new connection with Evian?





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