Great Packaging Design that will move your Brand.

I was never a follower of Microsoft or Windows per se but what they did recently had raised some eyebrows.

The recent packaging design of the new flagship Microsoft product, Windows 8, is a huge paradigm shift for the greater market computer operating systems. It’s groundbreaking, intuitive, vibrant and lively.


Windows 8 Packaging Box


A large number of different and unique images captured the spirit of endless possibilities in a cut through window that encase the product. “Great thought!”


2 Versions of Windows 8 Packaging Boxes


There is no question that design has the power to change the world. Of course, whether something is designed well, whether it will stand the test of time, whether it has the power to move people and to spark change is another matter.

The world certainly needs utility and beauty. Great designers don’t want to just sit at the end of the chain, styling other people’s inventions and ideas, we need to push ‘design’ beyond deliverables and into the design of outcomes and experiences. Powerful brand doesn’t just happen. They are created.


Windows 8 Packaging Box Design 1Windows 8 Packaging Box Design 2Windows 8 Packaging Box Design 3



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