Packaging is the Essence of Your Brand

A new explosion of colours! Durex’s new identity and packaging.


Packaging Design from Artnexus Design


As the world leader in contraception, Durex wanted to change the perceptions around their brand from being simply about protection and prevention and move to the much more emotionally engaging area of ‘sexual wellbeing’.

Behaving more like a personal care brand, with clear offers and benefits that are simply and engagingly communicated to the customer. Durex wanted to capture the moment of connection, that magical spark between two people.


Packaging Design from


This connection flows across the full range of products, whose ease of navigation is supported though the bold use of colour and naming that is clear, direct and benefit lead.

Durex now has a shelf presence that talks in a confident and informative voice, adding an emotional maturity to a category that everyone can shop with ease.

Well, who says Sex is boring! LOL!


Packaging Design from




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