The Great Annual Report That Has Become Brands’ Secret Marketing Weapon

Design judges at the 2012 Cannes International Festival of Creativity had a “Cocoon” moment. They ran in and out of the jury room with the glee of 5-year olds, having just gotten their hands on a magical piece of work from Serviceplan, a creative agency in Murich. On the surface, it was a completely blank white book. But when the book was exposed to the sun and its rays interacted with specially treated paper to reveal the content within.

Recalled one of the judges that went out into the sunshine, came back in and said, “You’ve got to see this, it’s amazing! It actually made the hairs on the backs of your arms and necks stand up. It made me felt like a child again.”

The book turned out to be an annual report, of all things, for solar-energy company- Austria Solar. While it could have come across as gimmicky, it was a solid concept that conveyed the company’s mission in a single, startling moment.

It opened industry eyes to how a fresh take can garner attention for a brand. Annual report should not only be a bunch of facts and numbers, but it should also portray what a certain company is all about, what it believes in, what it wants to communicate to its target audience, and, of course, what it wants to accomplish.

Check this cutting-edge delivery of facts and figures that makes the brand take notice.



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