The Paul Family

I penned this article with a heavy heart as I dearly missed a lovely family that is residing in Auckland, New Zealand. At the airport, I knew that I would not be able to control my emotion, so I bucked up myself and started ‘clicking’.


This is from Artnexus Design


Time flies. When I first knew the Paul family, I was a ‘young’ Christian, and still am! Their bountiful love and constant marvellous spiritual sharing have brought upon many with immense joy. I never had an unexciting occasion with their company!

Prior to the sending off at the Singapore Changi Airport, we had a fantastic indoor & outdoor photo shoot followed by a farewell dinner gathering. It was an unforgettable experience! Great thanks to Daisy Paul, our stylist and wardrobe attendant who fervently dressed up the ladies with traditional Indian sari and accessories. We had an excellent session! At the end of the session, I wondered, and I never did asked- where have all the chief men gone?


This photo is from Artnexus DesignThis photo is taken from Artnexus Design blogThis photo is taken from Artnexus Design Blog


My best wishes to the Pauls, and you will be dearly missed and remembered.


This photo is taken from Artnexus Design blog


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