Cordlife Calendar Photography

The festivity period has brought us much lifted spirit. It was the month of the mooncake festival! Speaking of mooncake, our office was packed with boxes of mooncake with different varieties. And in the midst of preparation for the upcoming photo shoot, we were munching away and gained unnecessary weight.

Photography by Artnexus Design

The morning shoot started off with the setting up of the scene and powering up the lights. Taking pictures of babies and kids is no easy task! They have very short attention span. Luckily, our past experiences of handling photography of kids had taught us a much-needed booster- the energy breakfast meal!

Photography - Artnexus Design Photography - Artnexus Design Photography - Artnexus Design Photography - Artnexus DesignPhotography - Artnexus Design

One of our challenging scenes was to get the position right for the baby. Thank goodness, baby Lauren did not cry a bit! And we managed to get the shot needed. Kudos to our helpful assistants and our very supportive mother! Our ‘super’ young talent!

Photography-Artnexus-Design Photography-Artnexus-Design Photography-Artnexus-Design

The sessions were fun-filled especially for one of the shoots where we had a ‘sold out concert’ audience giving support to our ‘stars’. I was especially encouraged by the creativity and support each parent has given to the success of the calendar photo shoot!