Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore Annual Report

“Woo Hoo! The sun is up!” One of our ANX’s team member exclaimed. Well, the rainy session came early during the period of one of our scheduled photo shoot for the AVA’s Annual Report. We happily called it “the shower of blessings” because the rain stopped just before our scheduled time slot! It was an Read More

Cordlife Calendar 2013 Photography

There were so many things to do and so little time! How we wish we could live thru the 24hrs and not sleep! Well, the only consolation was that the festive period has brought us much lifted spirit. It was the month of the moon-cake festival! Our office was packed with moon cake boxes of Read More

Caricature Drawing Adventure at Clarke Quay, Singapore

Caricature drawing in front of the live audience is fun, creative and enriching as it delivers art in an engaging and entertaining manner. Surrounding you is a wide mix of characters; varying ages, styles, backgrounds. When the finished drawing is finally presented, every blazing smile on their face melts your heart. Our team has a Read More