An Ode to Creative Work

Behind every great advancement, in every industry, there is a creative mind. Creativity may come easy, but creation is hard. The late nights spent trying, and failing, and trying again. All the while, holding onto our vision. Pushing what we see in our mind’s eye into the world. But our pretentious-less held captive by forces Read More


Evian Debuts New Packaging Bottle Design & Live Young Campaign

Evian Natural Spring Water debuted its first new bottle through a campaign and it went viral. It has not changed the packaging design since 1999! “It has redesigned its bottled water for the first time in 14 years, as it attempts to create a ‘new connection’ with consumers within the premium water. Sleeker and with Read More


Introducing Colour Talk Series

Colour Talk Series brings photographers and industry professionals from varied backgrounds to talk about one thing… COLOUR! The variety of ways people think about and talk about colour is amazing. Enjoy these editions! Colour evokes emotion in people. “Red makes people willing to spend more money for food. When you get good colour in a Read More

Cordlife Calendar Photography

The festivity period has brought us much lifted spirit. It was the month of the mooncake festival! Speaking of mooncake, our office was packed with boxes of mooncake with different varieties. And in the midst of preparation for the upcoming photo shoot, we were munching away and gained unnecessary weight. The morning shoot started off Read More

Caricature Drawing Adventure at Clarke Quay, Singapore

Caricature drawing in front of the live audience is fun, creative and enriching as it delivers art in an engaging and entertaining manner. Surrounding you is a wide mix of characters; varying ages, styles, backgrounds. When the finished drawing is finally presented, every blazing smile on their face melts your heart. Our team has a Read More