Singapore Teachers’ Academy for the aRts

The Ministry of Education established the Singapore Teachers’ Academy for the aRts (STAR) in 2011. STAR is to enhance the professional excellence, practice and growth of art and music teachers to strengthen and raise the quality of art and music education in schools.

a-edge – Art Educators Developmental & Generative Explorations is an annual art teachers’ exhibition that showcases artworks and projects that remark the great distance between perceptible and the abstract.

As part of interpretation to the a-edge exhibition theme – experiment to explore and break own limitations – we took an abstract photo image and with an illustrated splatter wording for the catalogue cover to create that emotional connection. The exciting and playful interaction of content and images with clean space for the inside pages reinforced the notion of without limitations and boundaries.

Check out the link to behind the scene images.

Services: Brand Strategy, Art Direction, Photography and Communication Design.

A-edge : An art exhibition by Singapore Art Teachers