Cordlife Group Limited

Cordlife Group Limited is a consumer healthcare company listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchanges Trading Limited since 2012. The company is one of the pioneers in the core blood banking industry in Asia.

Our work with Cordlife began since her early years of establishment and when private cord blood banking services were new. The Group has since built a distinguished brand name and gained a solid foothold in the markets it operates, namely Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Indonesia and the Philippines.

In her expansion plan, Cordlife shifted to a bigger office, and we are asked to design a walkway that speaks volume! Infographics and illustrations were chosen to communicate facts, statistics, timelines and descriptive information while a colourful colour scheme to depict the organisation as friendly and approachable. The kids between three months to four years old were photographed.

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Services: Brand Strategy, Research, Art Direction, Copywriting, Photography and Communication Design.